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Maybach Exelero for sale – ish

Fri, 28 May 2010

A Swiss Company is offering replica Maybach Exeleros

We’re not huge fans of the Maybach here at Cars UK, as you’ll know if you’ve been here before. It’s just so ill-conceived it beggars belief that a company as savvy and successful as Mercedes can’t see it.

Mind you, we’re convinced they’ve just about given up on Maybach – even though they deny it – and the 100 Maybach Coupes being built by Xenatec are a swansong to the marque, which we’re convinced will go the same way it did in its previous life by simply stopping production.

But there’s is one barking mad Maybach we do have time for – the Maybach Exelero. The Exelero is a one-off Maybach created for Fulda Tyres to plug its rubber of the same name. It featured looks that could justify the Maybach’s extortionate price tag and performance worth having, with a 700bhp version of the V12 from the Maybach 57S, managing a top speed of 218mph and 0-60mph in 4 seconds.

But that one-off was sold – some say to an African Diamond Mine owner – for a rather hefty €5,000,000. But a Swiss company is now offering replica Exeleros based on a Dodge Viper – all 8.3 litres of V10 American Muscle sporting 800bhp.

There are no details on dimensions or fixtures and fittings (although we’ve sent an email to ask for them) so we don’t know how it stacks up size-wise or in terms of luxury fittings. Although their advert on James List says you can choose you ‘Style & Colour’.

Still, at €550,000 it costs around 10% of the original – which is good. Even if a Dodge Viper is not exactly the underpinnings we’d choose for a luxury performance coupe.

By Cars UK