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Maybach from Jay-Z and Kanye West video up for auction

Mon, 27 Feb 2012

Just because Daimler shut down Maybach in November doesn't mean that the marque won't still fetch top dollar on the open market. But, if buyers want something with a little more flair and a little less Grey Poupon, they can head to the Phillips de Pury & Co. auction in New York to pick one up that was used in the Jay-Z and Kanye West video for the song “Otis.”

The Maybach 57 with a pedigree is expected to go for about $125,000, a third of what one costs new. You might assume a higher price because of the car's history, but you'd be wrong. This 57 was chopped, screwed and rebodied to look like some sort of Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome car.

The grille is in back, the trunk is up front and there's a nice helping of bare metal around the wheel wells. The mechanics chopped off the roof and all four doors before installing two on the trunk like lengthwise spoilers.

It's not the prettiest belle at the ball. In fact, many think that it is automotive sacrilege. Granted, $375,000 to Jay-Z is more like 10 grand to us, but we're pretty sure he didn't ask Daimler for any tips when customizing the car.

Profits from the car's sale will go to Save the Children, a charity dedicated to long-term help for kids around the world.

Viewing for the Under the Influence auction started on Feb. 25 and lasts until auction day, March 8, at 450 Park Ave. in New York.

For the fans, Jay-Z and Kanye's video is below.

By Jake Lingeman