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Mazda 2's diet regime secrets

Mon, 23 Jul 2007

By Ben Pulman

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23 July 2007 02:19

So what’s all the fuss about then?

Weight, or in the case of the Mazda 2, a lack of it. CO2 emissions are the biggest issue for the car industry right now, and governments around the globe are seemingly obsessed with one single gas. It's a problem affecting everyone - from supercar manufacturers like Porsche to volume players like Mazda. For the past decade diesel engines have seemingly held the answer, but whilst they better petrol engines on CO2 emissions, they're much pricier to build and buy. Now manufacturers are rushing to play catch-up with their petrol engine technology, and many are downsizing and turbocharging. There is a third way, of course. Mazda's new 2 supermini is among the first of a growing breed: a new car that's lighter than the one it replaces. Lighter weight brings emissions and economy benefits - and also helps handling and performance. It's the 21st century's must-have car accessory.

The Japanese manufacturer is one of the first out of the blocks with a significant weight reduction to the new 2 supermini. Mazda claims it has trimmed 100kg from the kerb mass. We already knew that, but now Mazda has released details of exactly where and how it has removed the unnecessary heft. All of this is promising for Ford because the Mazda 2's platform will also underpin the next Fiesta, which we’ll see in concept form at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

By Ben Pulman