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Mazda RX-8 – Just a few left

Fri, 27 Aug 2010

The Mazda RX-8 - fewer than 100 RHD cars left

In an email that looked suspiciously like a warning from QVC that their latest pitched offering really is being gobbled up quickly, and you’ll have to pick up the phone NOW to secure their latest life-changing bit of tat, Mazda inform us that stocks of the Mazda RX-8 are down to the last knockings.

We reported a bit back that the RX-8 was to make its way to the great scrapyard in the sky, another victim of the increasingly strict Euro emissions regulations - Euro 5 coming in to play in January 2011. So although the RX-8 will continue for now in some parts of the world,  production in Hiroshima has ended for the UK and Europe.

As of today there are less than 100 RHD RX-8s left to shift. And they should be grabbed very quickly, as the RX-8 is a very appealing car. In its last RX-8 R3 guise it offers a heap of fun from the high-revving wankel engine, even if you might have to fork out for a bit more oil than you’d expect.

The Mazda RX-8 also comes pretty well equipped with Bluetooth, Recaros, Bose and Cruise amongst other goodies. Oh, and don’t forget those dinky little rear suicide doors.

Mazda would like us to remind you that you can grab the last knockings of an icon for just £25,540, and they’ll even make it worth your while with a no deposit finance deal at only 5.9% apr (which actually is a decent deal). Don’t think we’ve ever done such a blatant sales pitch for a car before, but with just 100 to go and with us never having to pass road test judgement on an RX-8 again it hardly undermines our impartiality.

So that’s it for the Wankel then, killed off by Euro 5?

We don’t think so. We expect to see the Mazda RX-7 in 2011 sporting a 250bhp version of the new Renesis 16X engine, and and a range-topping hot-Wankel Mazda RX-9 with 350bhp a year later.


By Cars UK