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Mazda Takuya: Mazda2 Takuya, Mazda3 Takuya & Mazda6 Takuya for 2011

Wed, 02 Feb 2011

Mazda2 Takuya, Mazda3 Takuya & Mazda6 Takuya for 2011

As we’ve mentioned – more than once – the start of the year is prime time for the ‘Limited Edition’ and ‘Special Edition’ and any other sort of ‘Edition’ car makers can conjure up as they try to keep metal moving. Today, it’s the turn of Mazda.

Mazda have done the whole ‘Edition’ bit in spades this time, with the return of the range-topping Mazda Takuya. But Mazda aren’t content with launching just one Mazda Takuya. They’ve revealed three. So we get the Mazda2 Takuya, Mazda3 Takuya and Mazda6 Takuya. Spoilt for choice. And just 3,894 being made. Form an orderly queue.

The Mazda2 Takuya is a 1.3 litre based on the Mazda2 Tamura with Fogs, rear electric windows, Climate and a Parrot Bluetooth kit (would it have killed them to build Bluetooth in?). The Mazda2 Takuya will set you back £11,940.

The Mazda3 Takuya is based on the 1.6 litre Mazda3 TS model. The Takuya version adds Fogs, LEDs out back, Climate, proper Bluetooth, 17″ alloys, auto lights and wipers and a sports styling kit. The Mazda3 Takuya will set you back £16,695.

Finally, we get the Mazda6 Takuya where you get a choice of three version – 2.0 litre five door, 2.2 litre diesel five door or 2.2 litre diesel estate. Based on the Mazda6 TS model, the Mazda6 Takuya gets 18″ alloys, sports grill, Fogs, privacy glass and auto lights. Inside there’s Climate, Bluetooth and six-disc CD. Metallic paint is included in the price, with the 2.0 litre five door at £20,495, the 2.2 diesel five door at £21,675 and the 2.2 diesel estate at £22,325.

There, wasn’t that exciting. Just like a proper car site.

Oh, nearly forgot. In case you were wondering, Takuya is a very common boy’s name in Japan. So you can think of the Mazda Takuya as the Mazda Oliver or Mazda Jack. Or not.

By Cars UK