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McLaren 12C production ends – killed off by the new 650S

Fri, 04 Apr 2014

The McLaren 12C bites the dusts – killed off by the new 650S

When the new McLaren 650S was revealed in February, we commented that we expected the McLaren 12C to quietly disappear. And it has. To start with McLaren simply halted production of the 12C to concentrate on building the new 650S, but now they say it won’t be restarted as the McLaren range ‘evolves’. So, it’s case of pay ¬£20k more for the 650S or don’t have a McLaren. But actually, it’s the only sensible thing to do.

Ther 650S is a jump on from the 12C, and dropping the 12C allows McLaren to put behind it the mistakes it made with its first production car in almost a generation.

When the 12C arrived it was a bit too generic-looking, a bit too clinical in feel and, although potentially a match for the Ferrari 458, it never really felt so.

But the new McLaren 650S – with its more appealing name tag – is the culmination of the lessons McLaren learnt in the first three years the 12C was in customer hands, and answers almost all the criticisms the 12C elicited from owners and journalist alike.

So it’s goodbye to the 12C, but McLaren aren’t forsaking 12C owners in the process.

Instead, they’re offering to upgrade existing 12Cs with the Active Aero system and updated IRIS system¬†from the 650S, and a reversing camera and DAB will be fitted at cost for owners who want it.

Which is all rather credible. Well done, McLaren.

By Cars UK