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McLaren 650s Configurator goes live

Sun, 09 Mar 2014

The McLaren 650S Configurator

The new McLaren 650S arrived at the Geneva Motor Show last week – and as the 650S Spider too – and looks, and performs, far better than the 12C. That seems to point to the McLaren 12C being allowed to whither on the vine as McLaren’s customers opt for the new 650S instead of the 12C – even with a price difference heading towards £20k – although officially you can still buy a 12C (although we hear 12C production has been halted).

We hear McLaren have already built a number of 650S models and now they’ve even got the 650S Configurator up on their website so customers – and dreamers – can spec up their new 650S.

It’s a decent configurator too, with a wide range of options all configurable and all viewable after you’ve done so. You even get a PDF to download after you’ve finished speccing up, with a complete breakdown of ‘Your’ 650S.

What you don’t get are prices, but unless you’ve got £200k to spend there’s no point knowing how little chance you have of actually affording a new 650S.

A good way to waste time on this sunny Sunday, after you’ve finished clearing the garden and before you watch tonight’s Top Gear.

Or is that just our Sunday?

By Cars UK