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McLaren MP4-12C Exclusive Edition launched at Pebble Beach

Mon, 22 Aug 2011

McLaren MP4-12C Exclusive

You didn’t think McLaren were going to miss out on the very lucrative ‘Personalisation’ of the MP4-12C, did you? Of course not. So you won’t be surprise that McLaren has rolled up at Pebble Beach with an ‘Exclusive Edition’ MP4-12C with extra cost bolt on bits to tempt buyers.

Of course, this is nothing new to McLaren; they’ve been charging a fortune to McLaren F1 owners for upgrades and customisations (not to mention £30k a time for servicing – every nine months) sicne the F1 arrived in the mid 1990s.

F1 owners can part with significant sums for any number of ‘upgrades’ and ‘improvements’ to their cars, from a high downforce kit to upgraded aircon – all at silly money. And MP4-12C owners are going to be able to do the same, although the costs are likely to be a bit more modest.

The MP4-12C in the photo above – taken by a Cars UK reader – has a series of upgrades including louvres on the front wings, Satin Orange paint, alloys with a polished face and black painted centres and extra carbon fibre bits on everything from the engine cover to the rear exhaust cover. Oh, and the roof has been painted black.

The reveal at Pebble Beach is the first outing for McLaren’s MP4-12C after input from McLaren Exclusive, so we have no detail on prices or the extent of the menu options. But the menu options from  McLaren Exclusive will just be the start; you’ll be able to specify almost anything you can think of.

If your pockets are deep enough.

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Source: Teamspeed

By Cars UK