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McLaren MP4-12C SGP Edition

Thu, 20 Sep 2012

A trio of special edition McLaren MP4-12C have been commissioned from McLaren Special Operations by Singapore car dealer Wearnes Automotive.

We’ve had quite a flurry of activity from McLaren lately , what with the UK debut of the 12C Spider, the McLaren X-1 based on the 12C by McLaren Special Operations (MSO) and the big one – the new McLaren P1.

The McLaren P1 is the headline act for a golden halo for McLaren, but the MP4-12C and McLaren Special Operations are the main source of income for now – or at least until the ‘Baby’ McLaren to take on cars like the Audi R8 and Porsche 911 arrives in a couple of years time.

We’ve already had a few special models based on the MP4-12C and put together by MSO, including the MP4-12C High Sport models and the X-1. But now we get a new – and very expensive – limited run of three cars commissioned by Singapore car dealer Werarnes Automotive – the McLaren MP4-12C SGP Edition.

Just three 12C SGP cars have been created with more extreme bumpers – front and rear – and ultralight alloys with a custom paint job and interior with a Fire Black paint job with Rocket Red highlights and silver pin stripes designed to evoke the Vodafone-McLaren Mercedes F1 cars.

Each of the three cars – which will be shown at the Singapore F1 Grand Prix this coming weekend – will cost a not insignificant £800k – enough to buy a new McLaren P1.

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Source: Teamspeed

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