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McLaren P1 GTR (2015): 986bhp track-only P1 to be unveiled at Pebble Beach

Fri, 25 Jul 2014

By John Mahoney

First Official Pictures

25 July 2014 14:03

McLaren has confirmed it will unveil a track-only version of the P1 supercar at Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance on Friday 16 August2014.

Called the P1 GTR, McLaren’s take on the ultimate track day weapon is not street legal and gets 83bhp more than the standard P1, boosting power to 986bhp.

The teaser image, released ahead of Pebble Beach, hints at the huge changes engineers have made to the more powerful, tracksuited P1.

Replicating what Ferrari did with its FXX race car programme, the GTR has been made for wealthy track day enthusiasts to battle it out against on another at six annual McLaren P1 GTR-only track days.

It’s clear from the design sketch that engineers have created a completely new aero package for the track-biased GTR that includes a huge fixed rear wing. The sketch also shows an enormous rear diffuser that suggests substantial underbody modifications in a bid more downforce.

Extra aero tweaks around the front wheelarch, that now include large pronounced vertical winglets show the attention to detail that has been invested to make the McLaren quicker than the already ballistic road car.

All P1 GTRs will run slick tyres on track days and run a significantly lower ride height than the P1 road car (even in its ‘Race’ mode) to enhance the aero package.

The teaser image also hints at lightweight perspex side windows - evidence that McLaren will shave weight off the road car’s 1395kg kerbweight, although with the added downforce and drag that huge wing will bring, the McLaren P1 GTR is not expected to go any faster than the road car’s limited 217mph top speed.

McLaren is expected to charge a cool £1.98m for the P1 GTR track racer when production begins in June 2015, but as part of that price, the British supercar maker will throw in something money can’t buy – a permanent VIP backstage pass to the McLaren F1 team.

Once owners have parted with the cash they have access to the team’s experts, F1 simulators and even army of personal trainers that keep work’s drivers, Jenson Button and Kevin Magnussen, in peak mental and physical condition.

The arrival of the P1 GTR in June 2015 means that it’s the end of the ‘stock’ P1.

The final P1 road car (car number 375) will make way on the production line for the P1 GTR racers. With a 911 fighter, two more supercars and a 2+2 all planned, a replacement will be years away.

By John Mahoney