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McLaren P1 Track confirmed as McLaren Automotive goes in to profit

Wed, 04 Jun 2014

McLaren are building a track version of the P1 (pictured) for P1 customers only

It’s only three years since McLaren Automotive entered the hugely competitive market for high-end supercars (well, it’s four years, but only three since the first 12C went to a customer), but it’s already in profit. McLaren made an operating profit in 2013 of £12.4 million (and a pre-tax of £4.4 million) on sales of £284.4 million and did so – as predicted – by hitting their sales targets – McLaren sold 1359 12Cs and 36 of the McLaren P1 hypercar. And that looks to be just the start.

With 2014 likely to show a much larger number of £1 million P1s as sales as McLaren churns out the 375 P1s it plans and the arrival of the even more appealing 650S, 2014 should see even better results.

But going forward is where things will get really interesting as McLaren launches the new P13 – a more ‘affordable’ supercar aimed at the top-end Audi R8s and Porsche 911s – and starts to produce a limited number of the McLaren P1 Track.

The P1 Track – which will only be offered to P1 owners – will get more extreme bodywork and aerodynamics, be locked in the P1′s lowered track mode and get suspension updates suited just for track use, with plans for a race series for owners and a set up similar to Ferrari’s XX Series.

Mike Flewitt,  McLaren Automotive CEO, said:

We are now focusing upon the road ahead.  The McLaren 650S is already selling extremely well with over 1000 orders received and P13 is a very exciting project, which will help us to access new markets and customers, grow our sales volumes and ultimately increase both revenue and profitability.

I am confident that by maintaining our commitment to innovation and excellence McLaren Automotive has an extremely bright future.

You can also add in to the mix McLaren’s plans for a model to sit between the new 650S (which has already received more than 1,000 orders) and the P1 and which is known internally as the McLaren P15 which, as long as McLaren continues to deliver, will push McLaren further along the road to being a real British Supercar success story.

By Cars UK