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McLaren P1 caught on video

Sat, 01 Dec 2012

We have video of the new McLaren P1 – suitably camouflaged – out testing in Spain as McLaren fettles its Ferrari F70 basher.

That was borne out when we had photos of the McLaren P1 shot in Norfolk a week or two ago as the P1 visited one of McLaren’s suppliers on an industrial estate in Diss. Now we get the P1 on the move on video.

Spain is a favourite place to play for car makers as they seek to fettle their cars ahead of production, with a great mix of Europe-funded smooth tarmac and traditional pitted and potholed Spanish roads, lots of bustling urban highways and sweeping mountain roads. And the weather’s good too.

The McLaren P1 was grabbed on video playing on the road of Spain this week, and although what we see is pretty much what we saw in Paris – with the addition of the usual swirly black and white camouflage wrap – we do get to see the P1 planted on road and get to hear some very nice V8 growls from the 3.8 litre V8, expected to deliver around 800bhp with up to a further 200bhp from a KERS boost.

This won’t be the last P1 video we get as McLaren ready the car they hope will make the new Ferrari F70 look second rate, and hopefully the next one will have a little less camouflage.

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By Cars UK