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McLaren P1 explained by Anthony Sheriff (video): Paris 2012

Fri, 28 Sep 2012

McLaren Managing Director, Anthony Sheriff, explains exactly what the new McLaren P1 Supercar will offer its customers.

But the concept P1 does show exactly where McLaren are heading with the spiritual successor to the McLaren F1 road car of the 1990s, and it does look 95 per cent like the production car.

We covered what detail we have on the new P1 extensively yesterday when McLaren officially unveiled the P1 in Paris – from its construction to its downforce and active aero – but it’s interesting to get a McLaren view on their new baby, which we have from McLaren’s MD Anthony Sheriff.

Sheriff tells us that the P1 will be able to do well over 200mph, but that as there’s nowhere any car can ever realistically achieve the top speed of cars like the Veyron, top speed per se is not the goal of the P1.

Instead, McLaren has concentrated on making a car that is incredibly fast – way over 200mph – but has an incredible amount of downforce that will allow P1 drivers to have a car that has the downforce of a 12C GT3 on track but can still out perform anything else on a public road even without the huge downforce that only really works at insane speeds on a track.

So the McLaren P1 is a GT3 car on track and a hypercar on the road.

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