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McLaren P1 sales will double turnover and quadruple profit in 2014 for McLaren

Wed, 02 Apr 2014

The McLaren P1 (pictured) boosts McLaren’s profits

We’re starting to see the McLaren P1 – McLaren’s modern replacement for the iconic McLaren P1 – rolling out to lucky owners, and that will continue apace during 2014. Which means McLaren will see a big rise in its turnover and an even bigger rise in profits – up four-fold – as the £866,000 P1 replenishes McLaren’s bank account.

But, although it will take a while to build, deliver and get paid for all 375 P1s, the P1 won’t be a long-term cash cow for McLaren, just a nice little booster as it starts to plan to up production to 4,500 cars a year over the next few years.

That big increase in numbers and turnover – if not, perhaps, in profits – will come off the back of McLaren’s new affordable supercar – the McLaren P13 – which we expect to see debut before the end of 2014 and go on sale in 2015, offering a McLaren challenge to cars like the Audi R8 and Porsche 911.

Also in the mix for McLaren is the P15, a car McLaren expect to slot in between the new 650S and the P1 to give a full range of McLaren supercars, although McLaren’s reliance on one basic platform and engine is perhaps insufficient in the long run to make it a real challenger to Ferrari’s broader range.

Source: Bloomberg

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