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Men & Motors goes Classic

Thu, 04 Dec 2008

Cars, that is. It seems unlikely we’ll get the BBC Philharmonic in Concert on the Men & Motors Channel. No, this is M&M announcing their first original commission for a programme for over three years.

As we all know, M&M is the low-rent ITV digital motoring offering. Plenty of re-hashed programming in the day, and a dose of post-pub titillation later on, keeps the boy-racers happy.

Ford Gran Torino - To feature on Men & Motors

But the channel is obviously seeking a slightly more discerning audience with a Classic Cars commission, not that there’s anything wrong with what they do (it does serve its audience, and they do show a few gems from time to time), and it’s always good to see any Motoring Programme trying to offer more to its viewers.

Classic Gear (a tad derivative), as it’s to be called, aims to bring the M&M audience buying and running tips on a range of classic cars. They will be including the ubiquitous James Bond feature (a bit too easy and predictable, methinks), and tests of the likes of the Starsky & Hutch-mobile, the Ford Gran Torino.

Ingrid Stone, Channel Editor for M&M, said:

“Classic Gear is a great addition to the Men & Motors programme portfolio. In this time of financial worries, the team prove that a little bit of frugal thinking can still get you your dream classic automobile.”

The aim of this show is said to be to bring a fresh approach to the subject of Classic Cars, with the hope of finding a receptive audience amongst its viewers.

With things as they are in the car market at the moment, it’s not a bad idea to try and turn on younger people to modern classics, which can be a far more cost-effective way of motoring. But I’m not sure I’m ready to see a Hillman Imp with 22″ wheels and a massive body kit.

The show will start airing in December for UK Car watchers.

By Cars UK