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Mercedes C Class BlueEfficiency – now even more efficient

Thu, 04 Jun 2009

Mercedes C Class BlueEFFICIENCY now has new, more frugal engines

And the new engines Mercedes has announced for its C Class BlueEfficiency are quite remarkable. Already available in the new Mercedes E-Class, they offer remarkable economy whilst still producing a very drivable car. The new Mercedes C220 CDi Blue EFFICIENCY delivers 170bhp and a 0-60mph of 8.4 seconds, but averages nearly 59mpg and only emits 127 g/km o2. Astonishing. And the Mercedes C250 CDi BlueEfficiency offers 204bhp and still does over 55mpg.

Also joining these two super-frugal diesels is the petrol engined 1.8 litre C250 CGi BlueEfficiency that produces 204bhp and averages almost 40mpg. But it’s no quicker than the C220 CDi so, taking in to account the extra savings on fuel, I think even I would opt for the diesel.

These headline mpg figures are all very well, but are they achievable? Well, if you drive in a ‘spirited’ manner then no, of course not. But as we proved in our 500 mile road test on the Ford Fiesta ECOnetic, the headline figures can be achieved if you don’t mind driving like an old fart!

And to be honest, when things are as tight as they are at the moment, even I’ve found myself driving more economically when I don’t have to be anywhere urgently – which isn’t often – so it can be done!

By Cars UK