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Mercedes C Class Coupe (2011) Spy Shots

Fri, 09 Jul 2010

The Mercedes C-Class Coupe Spied

Mercedes recently let the old C-Class Coupe wither and die because – without putting too fine a point on it – it was a failure. It didn’t sell particularly well and it didn’t sell at all across the Pond. Which is not a huge surprise. It was perfectly competent but it was based on the last generation C Class and there are better options than a tarted up old C Class, with just a few tweaks to make it look current.

So a new Mercedes C Class Coupe is planned and we have the first spy shots. We had wondered what Mercedes would do to differentiate the C Class Coupe from the new E Class Coupe. Because the Mercedes E Class Coupe is actually based on the same C Class platform as this new C Class Coupe.

But if these early spy photo are anything to go by Mercedes seem to be making the difference clear. Yes, the nose does look a bit E Class, but the rest of the C Class Coupe is very much a tamed E Class; far less aggressive looking and lower key.

It’s probably a year before the C Class Coupe – and for that matter the C Class Coupe Cabriolet – hit the showrooms so there’s time for things to change.

But it’s looking better than the CLC so far.

By Cars UK