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Mercedes CLC spied on video & CLC Shooting Brake confirmed

Sat, 13 Aug 2011

Mercedes CLC spy video

It would seem the consensus is now that the baby CLS Mercedes has been planning is going to arrive as the Mercedes CLC and not, as we thought, the Mercedes BLS. Probably.

So for now we’ll go with Mercedes CLC and move on from there. Even if the underpinnings are going to be from the new B-Class and not the latest C-Class. Confused? Don’t be. It’s all about selling the car for more.

Here we’ve got video of the CLC out testing, although now car makers have taken to bolting even more bits on and adding padded panels it’s getting quite hard to be certain what’s under the disguise. But if you think of the new CLS on a boil wash you’re not going to go too far wrong.

Mind you, even if Mercedes are going to append the ‘C’ moniker on the CLC they are still likely to use the engines planned for the new B-Class. That will mean a 1.6 litre petrol – CLC180 with 120bhp, a CLC200 with 154bhp – and the 18 litre diesel – CLC180 CDI with 107bhp and the CLC200 CDI with 134bhp. And maybe even an AMG at some point.

And whilst we’re on the CLC (which still doesn’t make sense as a moniker; Mercedes BLS makes for more sense and is far more logical) it’s being reported that Mercedes has signed off the production of a CLC Shooting Brake. Which makes sense as we already know that there’s a CLS Shooting Brake in the works.

Do you get the feeling Mercedes is planning to out-niche Audi?

By Cars UK