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Mercedes E300 BlueTEC (2011/2012) revealed

Thu, 04 Mar 2010

The Mercedes E300 BlueTEC - 70mpg and on sale late 2011

Just like every other car maker, Mercedes is trying to push ever more fuel efficient and low emitting cars to the market. The range of BlueEfficiency C Class and E Class are a good example, which should be a huge success. And they no doubt will be if Mercedes can solve the problems of the high-tech injectors giving up the ghost after a month or two.

We’re guessing – although we don’t know for sure – that the same injectors are planned in Mercedes’ first diesel hybrid – the Mercedes E300 BlueTEC – which Mercedes are planning on launching in 2011, by which time we would hope the whole injector debacle is resolved. Assuming it is, the E300 Bluetec does offer a lot, particularly in terms of economy.

The E300 Bluetec has a 204bhp 4-pot diesel mated to a 15kW electric motor which can add a further 20bhp. It is said to be able to run for short distances as an EV, although Mercedes have given us no range for that milk-float mode. The electric motor is designed to support the 4-pot diesel during acceleration to deliver decent performance without huge fuel consumption penalties. Mercedes are claiming 68.9 mph with emissions of 109g/km.

Another car designed to deliver better economy and lower emissions so car makers can hit CO2 and economy targets impose by Governments. Nothing wrong with that – well, the economy targets at least – as long as it doesn’t force cars to market before they’re ready.

But with at least a year before the E300 BlueTEC hits the market that shouldn’t be an issue.

By Cars UK