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Mercedes E300 BlueTEC Hybrid and E400 Hybrid Detroit debut

Wed, 21 Dec 2011

Mercedes E300 BlueTEC Hybrid

Mercedes has revealed a pair of hybrid E-Class cars bound for a Detroit debut – the E300 BlueTec hybrid for Europe and E400 Hybrid for the US.

All car maker are busy introducing hybrid platforms where they can, especially for their big-selling cars, and MB is no different, with a pair of new Mercedes Hybrid cars bound for a debut at next month’s Detroit Auto Show.

The Mercedes E300 BlueTec Hybrid is the offering for Europe, although it wouldn’t be a huge shock if Mercedes eventually launched it in the US. It gets a four-pot turbo diesel with 201bhp and a healthy 369lb/ft of torque with an electric motor contributing 27hp (20kW) and another 184lb/ft of torque.

Also in the mix is stop/start, regenerative braking and the ability to run – for a short distance with a light foot – in pure EV mode, and it can also ‘sail’ when cruising to cut fuel consumption. The fuel consumption is said to be 67mpg with emissions of a lowly 109g/km making the E300 BlueTec the most economical luxury car…in the world.

The US will get a petrol-engined hybrid in the E-Class – the E400 Hybrid – which gets the same electric motor as the E300 but mates it to a 302bhp petrol V6. That setup adds up to a less impressive 32mpg.

Mercedes plan on launching the E300 hybrid straight after the Detroit Auto Sjhow next month in to Europe, with the E400 Hybrid launching in the US followed by China. There seem to be no plans to put the E400 on sale in Europe, but we wouldn’t bet against the E300 finding its way to the US at some point.

So far Mercedes has revealed no prices for the E300, but if they let us know before Detroit we’ll update here.

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