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Mercedes E63 AMG revealed ahead of New York

Wed, 01 Apr 2009

The 525bhp Mercedes E63 AMG has been revealed ahead of the New York Motor Show

So this is the Mercedes Benz E63 AMG, finally shown in all its glory after a serious of teases in the run-up to the official unveiling next week at the New York Motor Show. But make the most of it. The way the world is moving at the moment the next generation E63 AMG will probably have solar panels, an elastic band and a windmill on its roof!

But for now we get to revel in the joy of a full-fat German horsepower war winner. Sporting a huge 525bhp from its 6.2 litre AMG V8, this Uber-Merc can achieve the 0-60 dash in just 4.5 seconds. That, in context, is as quick as a Porsche 911S, but this is a five seater, climate controlled 4-door saloon car that can do everything its more prosaic siblings can, but roar like a banshee when the mood takes you.

Yes, it’s not politically correct – or even acceptable to most – in these climate-obsessed times. But we don’t want a world where everything is built to be practical and cheap; what kind of sad, grey world would that be? So lets enjoy the Mercedes E63 AMG for what it is – a remarkable feat of engineering for the lucky few who can afford its frankly hefty price tag of £67,000 in the UK.

The glorious 6.2 litre AMG engine (a big overall improvement on the old, blown E55) is coupled to a 7 speed auto ‘box, complete with launch control and some impressive automatic throttle-blipping to make you look competent. The E63 AMG comes equipped with air suspension (3 settings – Comfort, Sport and Sport Plus), big, fat AMG alloys, a subtle-ish body kit and oodles of Nappa Leather. There are also options for extra performance (stiffer suspension, locking diffs, bigger wheels etc.), but the standard car will be more than enough for 99% of owners.

Of course, you can take your cheaper E Class, have it de-badged and add a very competent AMG body kit for a chunk less than the E63 AMG. But this sort of power is hugely addictive. Once you’ve had it, you won’t want to lose it. And if you need an extra reason to buy the E63 AMG, comfort yourself with the knowledge that this is now super-economical. It averages a whopping 22mpg!

By Cars UK