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Mercedes G65 AMG with 600bhp V12 planned

Fri, 13 May 2011

Mercedes G65 AMG - enough torque to turn time

Just like the proverbial missing bus, you wait ages for one to come along and then two turn up together. In this case that’s two stories about the iconic (used with care) Mercedes G-Class.

Just last week we had news of the G350 BlueTEC BA3 Final Edition, which Mercedes are producing as a swansong for the SWB G-Class. And now we get news of a completely bonkers G-Class – a Mercedes G65 AMG, no less.

According to Autoblog in the Netherlands, Mercedes are planning to take the already insane G55 and fit it with a 6.0 litre V12 with a smidge over 600bhp and enough torque to move time – 737lb/ft of the twisty stuff.

All of which may seem a but far-fetched, but Mercedes has been here before. There are already a handful of G63s running round the Middle East after a number were built to special order by Mercedes a few years ago, ánd if the information is correct, there are already a number of Mercedes dealers looking for potential clients.

It seems Mercedes are looking to do a production run of no more than 200 G65s, with each costing around €200k. Which may seem completely mad – after all, the G55 costs ‘just’ £120k.

But if Land Rover can get away with throwing every toy – but no more power – at the Range Rover to create the £125k Range Rover Autobiography Ultimate, there’s no doubt a market for the equally iconic hyper G-Class.

And with the ability to go just about anywhere, get to 60mph in not much more than 4 seconds and be so cool you’ll get frostbite, there are bound to be 200 wealthy individuals up for this.We’d take one.

If we had €200k to spare.

By Cars UK