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Mercedes S400 BlueHybrid (2008): first official pictures

Thu, 18 Sep 2008

By Ben Whitworth

First Official Pictures

18 September 2008 17:00

These are the first pictures of the new Mercedes S400 BlueHybrid. With a combined economy figure of 35.8mpg and a CO2 rating of just 190g/km, Mercedes claims it is the world’s most economical petrol-powered luxury saloon.

But put your chequebook away – it’s not coming to the UK. The BlueHybrid has been developed primarily for the diesel-disliking US market, where its green credentials and upper-echelon image should make it a massive hit for buyers looking to downsize their fuel bills without affecting their status. And of course, when it goes on sale in summer 2009, it will also have extensive pan-European appeal.

A pancake-shaped electric motor sits between the engine and the modified seven-speed automatic transmission. It’s an advanced three-phase AC external rotor magneto motor, which develops 20bhp and 118lb ft of torque while operating at 120V.

As well as acting as a starter and generator for stop-start work in urban areas, the motor also recaptures lost energy during braking and when coasting. This recouped energy is stored in the Mercedes’ bespoke lithium-ion battery.

Compact and developed specifically for automotive applications, this sits in the engine compartment where the traditional lead-cell battery would normally be housed. As well as supplementing the powertrain, it also powers the on-board electrical systems through an integral 12V transformer.

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By Ben Whitworth