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Mercedes SL63 AMG, David Coulthard & (blindfolded) illusionist Dynamo (video)

Sat, 03 Aug 2013

David Coulthard & Dynamo (pictured) in the Mercedes SL 63 AMG

If there’s one man who’s made magic and illusions cool again it’s the little man from Bradford – Dynamo. His street illusions are a must watch – and usually completely unfathomable – and he’s often coaxed in a celebrity face or three to perform illusions with as it makes for more marketable TV .

That combination is something Mercedes couldn’t resist as a PR vehicle, so they enlisted Dynamo, David Coulthard, a Mercedes SL63 AMG and an abandoned airfield to produce a new Dynamo illusion to promote the SL63 AMG.

The scene is an abandoned airfield at night with a makeshift track coned out. Coulthard is asked to set a lap timer in the SL63, after which Dynamo announces he’s going to do the same lap, but blindfolded.

Dynamo asks Coulthard to guess his lap time – but keep it to himself – dons the blindfold and takes to the track amidst flaming poles around the makeshift track.

We won’t tell you the outcome (you’ll need to watch the video for that), but it’s safe to say it’s another clever Dynamo illusion as well as a bit of PR for the Mercedes SL 63 AMG.

By Cars UK