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Mercedes SLS AMG: F1 Safety Car 2010

Sat, 27 Feb 2010

The Mercedes SLS AMG will be the F1 safety car in 2010

The new F1 season is close to kicking off, and we’ll get round to doing a preview of what’s happening at the start of the 2010 season once we’ve got Geneva out of the way (at least the first bit of Geneva  - the F1 season starts on 14th March in Bahrain so we’ll need to get round to it before then). But one bit of news that isn’t team or driver related is the announcement that the safety car for 2010 will be the Mercedes SLS AMG, replacing the car that’s done the job for the last two years – the Mercedes SL63 AMG.

Surprisingly, the SLS AMG is the most powerful car ever to be used as a safety car in F1. Mind you, if Mercedes had used the Mercedes SL65 Black for the last two years we wouldn’t be saying that. Still, the SLS AMG will make a great safety car and one which Mercedes have hardly had to touch to make it fit for the job. Everything mechanical on the car is standard with the only changes being a new exhaust tailpipe, a new carbon fibre bonnet, a front and rear camera for the required TV shots when the safety car’s on track and a whole heap of LED lights.

It’s the obvious choice for Mercedes to make with the SLS being their new halo car and with first cars only just about ready to hit the roads. And perhaps if Mercedes do make the SLS AMG Black Series soon we may see that next year.

Which could give the F1 cars a bit of a challenge keeping up.

By Cars UK