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Mercedes SLS David Coulthard Golf Ball catch – now on video

Thu, 21 Jun 2012

The recent golf ball catching Guinness world record set by David Coulthard and Jake Shepherd finally turns up on video.

In another of those ‘We didn’t know there was a world record for that’ stories, we reported earlier this month that a new Guinness World Record had been set for the furthest golf shot caught in a car.

A Mercedes SLS AMG driven by David Coulthard had managed to catch a golf ball driven down the runway at Dunsfold by professional golfer Jake Shepherd.

Jake Shepherd fired off his drive as DC passed him in the SLS AMG – with the golf drive firing off at 178mph – and Coulthard managed, at only the second attempt, to catch the ball in the open SLS Roadster whilst doing 120mph.

Which all sounded great when we reported it but, as one of our readers commented, all a bit of an anti-climax to find no video of the world record.

We knew Mercedes were planning to release a video to get a bit of a buzz going, but it would have made so much more sense to deliver the story with video as one. Still, we now have the video of the successful world record for catching a golf ball in a moving car by David Coulthard and Jake Shepherd.

Excellent driving by both guys.


By Cars UK