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Mercedes wants to help you fall asleep at the wheel

Sat, 19 May 2012

Mercedes Attention Assist will soon get help from Mercedes Active Comfort

Mercedes are working on an Active Comfort System to help fatigued drivers take a power nap with aromas and massage inducing sleep.

The Mercedes Attention Assist is designed to warn drivers when their driving is becoming a bit erratic as they get tired and lose concentration, with its little coffee cup symbol now proliferating across instrument panels on Mercedes cars.

But what if you’re one of those poor unfortunate souls who can’t just pull over and go to sleep for 20 minutes for a quick power nap to recharge your batteries? Don’t worry, Mercedes has a plan.

Mercedes are working on an Active Comfort System to compliment their Attention Assist that will use a variety of tools to help tired drivers take a possibly life saving nap.

With as many as a third of all accidents said to be as a result of driver fatigue, it’s a very sensible plan.

The Active Comfort concept revolves around manipulating the senses to induce sleep (once you’ve pulled over!). Mercedes plan to use aromas – orange fragrance to induce sleep – lighting, massage and music to help weary drivers take that all important nap.

On the flip side, the Active Comfort System can also be used to keep drivers more alert. By controlling cabin temperature, ionising the air, adding menthol fragrance and massaging to relax stiff muscles, drivers can be kept alert for longer, with the promise of a proper sleep when they finally get tired.

No news of how soon Mercedes will introduce Active Comfort, but as soon as they do we’re considering selling our homes and moving full time in to an S Class.


By Cars UK