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Mini Scooter E concept bike (2010) first photos

Thu, 23 Sep 2010

We know that Mini has changed plenty since takeover by the Germans, but who’d have thought we’d ever see a two-wheeled Mini? That’s what BMW is unveiling today: the new Mini Scooter E Concept.

As its name suggests, this takes the learnings from the Mini E electric car and applies them to a scooter for use around town.

Take Mini styling cues, add them to a scooter silhouette and that’s what you’ll see on Mini stand at the Paris motor show 2010.

Bavarian stylists say the angle of rake on the windscreen is similar to a Mini hatchback’s and reckon they’ve captured some of the form language in the bodywork and the shape of the headlamps (modelled, apparently, on those of the Mini Countryman 4x4).

There’s a single electric motor integrated in the 11-inch rear wheel, powered by a lithium-ion battery. Users can top up the battery at any domestic power point; simply flip up a cover like a Mini’s fuel filler flap, and plug in.

Mini’s showing two versions of the Mini Scooter E: a single-seater and a twin. Both have a key incorporated in the user’s smartphone.

We wouldn’t rule it out. BMW is strong in motorbikes and has form with the half-bike/half-car C1 – and the Megacity project is likely to include electric bikes. We’d wager there will be a Mini scooter on sale by halfway through the decade.

By Tim Pollard