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Misconduct behind Charles Morgan dismissal

Tue, 22 Oct 2013

New documents have emerged showing Charles Morgan was sacked from Morgan Motor Company due to four counts of alleged misconduct.

Information seen by Autocar outlines that the decision was made by the members of the board of Morgan Technologies – a panel on which some of Charles Morgan’s own family sit.

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In a board meeting earlier this year – held while then company strategy director Morgan was away on leave due to health problems – Morgan Motor Company executives determined that Charles Morgan had posed as company chairman, despite his demotion back in February 2013.

The panel also concluded that he had given unauthorised support to the Morgan LMP2 team run by Oak Racing – both at Le Mans and other race series – as well as announcing to a select group of Morgan vehicle owners that an uprated version of the company’s Morgan 3 Wheeler model was in the pipeline.

The final count of misconduct (of the four alleged) centres on Mr Morgan apparently taking two separate payments for appearances on television while in Afghanistan and Iran without first seeking permission from the board.

The document witnessed by Autocar apparently shows the decision to dismiss Morgan was made by eight company board members, including:

Steven Morris (Morgan managing director), Timothy Whitworth (Morgan finance director), Gillian Price (Charles Morgan’s sister), David Price (Charles Morgan’s brother-in-law), Laurence Price and Carid Hamilton (Charles Morgan’s nephews), Jackie Pertwee (Charles Morgan’s neice) and Andrew Duncan (the Morgan family’s solicitor).

Following the frenzy on Twitter after Morgan’s sacking, the former company executive has vowed to appeal the decision.

The hearing will be held this Friday, 25 October. It is thought the case will be heard in front of Morgan family members David Price, Jackie Pertwee and Carid Hamilton.

The latest information sheds more light on the unknown elements surrounding Morgan’s dismissal and, if true, is very similar to former Group Lotus boss Dany Bahar’s sacking due to claims of gross misconduct.

That case ended up in Bahar suing Lotus for “wrongful dismissal and loss of earnings,” with Lotus counter-suing Bahar for “unauthorised expenses and overpaid salary and bonuses.” The Morgan matter has all the hallmarks of the messy Lotus affair.

MSN Cars will bring you the result of Charles Morgan’s appeal as soon as it happens.

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