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Mitsubishi lose the ‘O’

Sun, 06 Mar 2011

The Mitsubishi Evo X - Last of the breed

What ‘O’?

Yes, it’s Sunday morning and none of our brains are exactly on fire. But we still seem to be thinking more clearly than Mitsubishi, who have revealed they are to drop the Evo and concentrate on electric cars and hybrids.

Yes, the Evo will go, lose its ‘O’ and become the Mitsubishi EV (I know, but it’s the best we can do on Sunday). What on earth are Mitsubishi playing at?

It seems they’re playing at redefining how the world perceives them. They want to trash any idea that the make brilliant Playstation supercar saloons. That’s so last century.

They also want us to forget that they make proper, grown-up off-roaders. Instead they want us to think of Mitsubishi as the makers of fluffy-bunny softroaders that emit fresh air, not that dreadful CO2. So we get the (perfectly competent) Mitsubishi ASX.

We’re no experts, but doesn’t it seem barking mad to dump the two products that define you? Without the USP of the Evo and the Shogun, what’s left? A third rank Japanese car company, that’s what.

We thought the Lexus headlong rush to taint all their cars with the hybrid brush was daft enough. By comparison with Mitsubishi’s decision to concentrate on EVs and Hybrids, it looks a model of sanity.

How sad.

By Cars UK