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Motorists Get In A Muddle Over MOT

Wed, 05 Mar 2014

A NEW survey from a major fast fit retailer might have you looking more closely at the condition of the cars you share the road with.

Research from Kwik Fit reveals nine percent of drivers admitting they were not aware that an MoT certificate was a legal requirement for cars over three years old.

The study also highlighted ignorance with regards to other motoring obligations, with nine percent of drivers admitting they didn’t realise car insurance was compulsory and 10 percent saying the same about a valid tax disc.

The research also uncovered confusion as to what checks are included in an MoT. Around 40 percent of motorists said they expected their car’s oil levels to be checked and 38 percent expected their battery condition to be assessed. There was a similar expectation towards checks to air filters, brake fluid and even cleanliness.

Of those questioned in Kwik Fit’s survey, seven percent - equivalent to 2.6 million motorists - admitted to having driven without a valid MoT certificate in the past and 21 percent say they have attempted to try and fix vehicle faults and damages themselves to ensure their car would pass its MoT test.

Ignorance surrounding what is or is not mandatory for driving in the UK was most prevalent amongst younger drivers, with 15 percent of those aged 18 – 24 saying they thought a tax disc was optional and 15 percent saying the same about insurance. A third of these young drivers also said they thought an annual service was compulsory.

By Press Association reporters