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New BMW 316d ES Saloon

Wed, 24 Jun 2009

BMW has announced the BMW 316d ES - its most economical 3-Series to date

Car makers are falling over themselves to introduce new models that are more fuel efficient and less polluting than what went before, and this time it’s BMW’s time to play the game with the most economical 3 Series yet – the new BMW 316d ES Saloon.

The 316d ES gets BMW’s 2.0 litre 4-pot diesel and a six-speed manual ‘box, which manages a quite impressive 62.8mpg and emits only 118g/km of CO2. That puts it in to the £35 a year VED band and makes this the cleanest and most economical 3 Series yet.

But the BMW 3 Series is as much about the car as the economy, so you will still get a decent handling, well thought-out saloon car. The performance isn’t earth shattering, but it will do 0-60mph in 10.9 seconds and 125mph. But you wont’ be getting 62.8mpg if you thrash it around everywhere. But as our experience with the Fiesta ECOnetic showed, you really can get the headline economy figures if you’re prepared to be bored silly when you’re driving.

The 316d ES gets the same level of kit as the 318d ES, which includes AirCon, multi-function steering wheel and BMW’s EffiecientDynamics technology. Not stunning as a standard spec, but you could live with it.

The BMW 316d ES  is available in the UK from September, and costs £23,330. Which if you’re a company car driver, and a lot will be, the P11D value means paying £1208 a year as a 40% tax payer and just £755 at standard rates. Which is bad enough (company cars used to be a perk!), but at least the BMW 316d ES is a pretty impressive rep-mobile, and costs you less than most of the competition.

By Cars UK