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New Bugatti 'could be too fast to test'

Thu, 07 Aug 2014

THE UPCOMING replacement for the world's fastest luxury car could be too quick to test, according to a motoring magazine.

Bugatti is looking to replace the famous Veyron with a new, faster model that could reach speeds of around 286mph, but questions have been raised by weekly title Autocar over whether the facilities will exist to test it to its maximum.

Not only is space a concern for the 1,500-horsepower concept, because it will need much longer straights than the Veyron, but also tyres are an issue. Currently there are no road-legal car tyres produced that could safely withstand exposure to those speeds.

Michelin makes the Veyron's tyres as special orders for around £25,000 per set – and no, that's not a misprint. They only last 2,500 miles, too. Rubber designed to reach speeds approaching 290mph would need to be even more advanced, and undoubtedly even more expensive.

It is rumoured that stars including Jenson Button eventually sold their own Veyrons after witnessing the extortionate running costs first-hand.

There are still 15 Veyrons waiting to be sold, according to Autocar, but its successor would only go on sale in 2017 leaving three years to clear out the remaining stock.

By Press Association reporter