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New Ford Focus RS to arrive in 2015. Apparently.

Tue, 05 Feb 2013

It’s being reported that a new Ford Focus RS will arrive in 2015 with around 330bhp from a 2.3 litre four cylinder turbo. It will be front wheel drive.

Ford has finally got the Focus ST out in to the wild, and inevitably attention has now turned to something hot from the Focus instead of just warm – a new Focus RS.

We had been expecting Ford to reveal a new Focus RS by the time this year’s Frankfurt Motor Show arrives in September, but according to Autocar the new Focus RS is on the way – but not until 2015.

That’s at odds with what Gunnar Herrman – Ford’s Global car boss – said in 2011 when we reported him confirming the new Focus RS would arrive in 2013 and offer anything up to 380bhp.

But times have been quite tough for Ford in the intervening eighteen months, so perhaps that has pushed back the performance halo project as Ford concentrate on stemming losses in Europe rather than producing the new Focus RS?

But according to Autocar, the new Focus RS will arrive in 2015, complete with the same 2.3 litre turbo four-pot the new Mustang gets for Europe delivering around 330bhp. Which does seem a bit low – less than the run-out Focus RS500.

But the report does confirm our 2011 report that, contrary to original expectations, the new Focus RS will stick with front wheel drive and Revoknuckle rather than have electric motors on the back axle to cast a green glow, aid traction and increase performance.

It seems the new Focus RS will come only as a five-door, which keeps the possibility alive that Ford are still planning a Focus Coupe – and even a Focus RS Coupe – as a 21st century Ford Capri.

By Cars UK