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New Ford S-Max Concept at Frankfurt Motor Show

Wed, 28 Aug 2013

The New Ford S-Max Concept (pictured) will debut at Frankfurt

Ford’s sporty take on the Galaxy – the Ford S-Max – has been with us since 2006, so it’s time for a change. But with Ford in Europe not having the best of times and the new Ford Mondeo not expected to arrive until 2014, the all new S-Max – which will have underpinnings from the new Mondeo – won’t be arriving until 2015.

But in the absence of anything new to show at Frankfurt, Ford has put together a Concept version of the new S-Max to try and show Europe it really does have new stuff on the way.

Looking like an evolution of the current S-Max, the S-Max concept gets the new Aston Martin grill that’s now cropping up on all Ford’s cars and looks longer and sportier and a lot wider than the current S-Max and with more pronounced haunches.

Inside has some new tricks too, with a new seating arrangement that include a centre seat in the second row that fold flat to allow easy access to the two seats in the third row, seats that monitor heart rate and glucose levels, Wi-Fi, tablet docking and automatic braking.

As well as the technology tweaks – not all of which will reach the production S-Max, we suspect – the interior of the concept S-Max features Nubuck leather, carbon fibre seat shells and a full length glass roof. Again, don’t expect all this to make it in to production.

It’s a sensible update to the S-Max to keep its position as the sporty choice in the MPV market, it’s just a shame it’s still probably two years away.

By Cars UK