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New Jaguar XJ Interior tease w/Video

Tue, 07 Jul 2009

This is all we get to see of the new Jaguar XJ interior before Thursday

With only 48 hours until the new XJ gets launched at the Saatchi Gallery in London’s Kings Road – by Jay Leno, no less – Jaguar has sent us what will be the last tease – this time on the interior.

We get the main-man again this time – Ian Callum, Design Boss – which illustrates just how important the interior of the new Jaguar XJ is going to be. We said the other day that the Driving Dynamics would make or break the new XJ, but this will too. Such a lot rides on this!

Which way do you go? Use too much ‘Tradition & Wood’ and you’re pilloried for living in the past. Go too sporty and contemporary and you’re throwing away the Heritage. Rock and a hard place springs to mind. Rather you than me, Ian.

What Ian Callum has to say certainly sounds promising:

When you get into the car the immediate thing you will notice is that it’s a very sporty interior.  It’s not what you might expect.

The car is very much a design led car in terms of aesthetics but, because of that we were very conscious of the package of the car.

We are offering the most eclectic mix of colours and wood and trim, and even wheel designs and wheel colours.  When you choose your car you actually almost design your own personality into the car, so you can go for something that’s very sporty to something that’s very very luxurious and a lot of ideas in between.   That choice of interior trim is very important indeed and we’ve covered that more than we’ve ever covered that before. I always say my dream car is the next one but I think this one is very good.

So he knows just what’s riding on this, and has carefully balanced what he’s said to appease the innovators and the traditionalists.

Check back here on Thursday evening for the full reveal. Sadly, Cars UK are not quite ‘Premier League’ in the pecking order of Car Sites / Car Mags yet (soon – very soon!) so we don’t get to go to the Thursday night launch. But we will have all the details for you on the evening. Plus we’re going to have a good look at the new XJ in the flesh on Friday morning.

By Cars UK