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New Jaguar XJ: The Paris video

Fri, 26 Feb 2010

Jaguar has produced a moody video of the new XJ in Paris

Lucy Jordan lamented that she’d ‘Never ride through Paris in a sports car with the warm wind in her hair’. But if she ever had (apart from in her imaginings) she’d have realised it is – as many romantic notions are – a bit of a ‘mare. Smelly, noisy, uncomfortable and rather bad for your car’s paintwork.  No, what you actually need if you’re going to drive through Paris is something big, powerful, stylish, cocooned and preferably owned by someone else. Like the new Jag XJ.

When we told you last week that Jaguar had delayed delivery of the new XJ until May to fix connectivity problems for phones/iPods, we mentioned we’d been talking to Jaguar who were busy shooting a promo video in France for the new XJ. And it was raining as much as it was here (you feel for them; you really do – especially the poor bugger with the chamois leather; his arm must have been ready to drop off by the time they’d finished shooting). Despite the rain they did the VT, edited it together and zapped it over to us this morning.

But actually, the rain was good for them. It adds a romantic, moody feel to this new video. You expect to cut to a shot of Catherine Deneuve  with a brolly at any moment – a sort of ‘Parapluies de Paris’ meets ‘La Nouvelle XJ’. It also helps that it was filmed when it was quiet. Very quiet. And at points in places that you wouldn’t normally be allowed to drive. But they escape from Paris and head on to the open road. Perhaps they’re heading for Cherbourg? It’s a good place for brollies.

It’s not a long VT. In fact it’s quite short. But it’s nicely shot and edited. And if you’re lamenting the fact that you can’t drive through Paris in your XJ until May, it may bring you solace.

Or completely wind you up.

By Cars UK