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New Lotus Elan revealed

Thu, 30 Sep 2010

The new Lotus Elan

I know, you’re starting to get bored and wondering how on earth Lotus can suddenly churn out a range of models that are seemingly poles apart from where they are, and expect it to be credible. But they’be done it. And they’re serious. Dany Bahar obviously brought some big Cajones with him. And a transfer budget Alex Ferguson would envy.

So, the new Lotus Elan. An iconic Lotus name, but this Lotus Elan is going to be a Porsche fighter. And not just a Boxster or Cayman fighter. Oh, no. The Elan is going after the 911. And the Audi R8. And anything else that looks sporty, costs around £75k and does good business.

In terms of power there’s going to be a full-fat version sporting 470bhp and delivering 60 mph in 3.5 seconds, and a cooking version with 400bhp and a 3.9 second 0-60mph. So where’s the power coming fropm? Surely not a de-tuned Lexus V8?

No, power will come from a 4.0 litre version of the Toyota V6 currently nestling in the Evora’s middle. And despite the lump of power both models will emit less than 200g/km.

You can sort of see the Elan as a better version of current Lotus cars. A replacement for the Evora. An aspirational car. Certainly more in keeping with what we expect from Lotus. But this is the ‘New’ Lotus with big aims and aspirations. They say the new Lotus Elan will be with us in 2013.

As a Porsche 911 slayer. Apparently.

By Cars UK