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New Mercedes SL 65 AMG – the video

Sat, 24 Mar 2012

New Mercedes SL 65 AMG on video

With the 2013 Mercedes SL 65 AMG now revealed, Mercedes has sent us a video of the new range-topping SL in action.

We had the reveal of the new Mercedes SL 65 AMG earlier this week ahead of a public debut at the New York Auto Show in April. And despite the hope that Mercedes would continue its line of V12 range-toppers in the new SL, we still had our doubts it would happen.

But Mercedes has been brave and continued to keep faith with the V12, even in the face of ever more stringent emissions and CO2 targets and a move by most car makers towards forced induction and fewer cylinders.

The fact that the SL 65 is a small seller, rather than a core product, probably influenced the decision to keep the V12 as the Daddy of the SL range, and a proper daddy of a car is exactly what the SL 65 is.

Yes, the SL 65 may be a bit soft when you compare it to the SLS, but it’s a proper Grand Tourer with an awesome turn of power, an absolute mountain of torque and every toy you could want to make your journey a joy, whether blatting or cruising.

Performance from the V12 with 621 horses and 738lb/ft of torque is impressive from such a heavy car, even if it’s not quite as heavy as the last SL 65. 60mph can be despatched in under 4 seconds now thanks not just to a smidge more power and a bit less weight but also thanks to a proper modern self-shifter for the first time in the SL 65 in the guise of Mercedes four-mode AMG Speedshift Plus 7-Speed ‘box.

For the lucky few who can afford what will be approaching £200k for an SL 65 AMG a real treat seems in store. For the rest of us, the new SL 65 AMG video below is probably the closest we’ll get.

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