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New Porsche Cayenne – the Lumma CLR 550 GT version

Sat, 15 May 2010

The Lumma CLR 550 GT

There’s something about the Porsche Cayenne that attracts the tuners and modders to lose the plot. Perhaps it’s the fact the Porsche Cayenne is no oil painting – and frankly, the new Porsche Cayenne is no better – that makes everyone think that whatever they do it can’t look worse. But it can.

Uwe Gemballa was king of the Porsche tuners. But Uwe appears to be playing hide and seek in Africa, so unless his Mum is up to the job of running the ‘New’ Gemballa it doesn’t look like we’ll see anything like the Gemballa Tornado 750 GTS created from the latest version of the Cayenne. So step up to the mark Lumma, who have created the Lumma CLR 550 GT based on the new Cayenne.

This is – at least for now – a design exercise with no extra power. There’s a lip-spoiler with fogs, LED running lights and a whole heap of carbon fibre bolted on the nose. There are cooling vents cut in the carbon-kevlar bonnet and great big blister wheels arches covering enormous 23″ alloys.

Round the back there’s a modded bumper, rear diffuser, carbon fibre spoilers and a centre mounted triple exhaust. The whole thing looks like a cartoon version of a Cayenne. Subtle it ain’t.

But you could almost – but not quite – live with the comic looks if it went any better. But it doesn’t. It could, mind you, if Lumma did what it did with the Panamera and offered a 700bhp option. Then the Lumma CLR 550 GT might have a point.

As it is, it just looks daft.

By Cars UK