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New Volvo V40 teased (NOT the V30)

Sat, 17 Dec 2011

Volvo V40 teased under a sheet

The new Volvo V40 – which we thought would be the V30 – is being teased by Volvo ahead of a debut at Geneva 2012.

So what is the new Volvo V40?

It’s a good question. We thought this car would be the Volvo V30 – a five door hatch version of the next generation C30 – but now Volvo has started to tease it we discover it’s actually going to be the all new Volvo V40. Count us getting a bit confused.

But whatever this V40 is, it’s aimed squarely at the BMW 1-Series and Audi A3 and it’s going to debut at the Geneva Motor Show in 2012. And apart from those little nuggets of information, Volvo boss Stefan Jacoby offers nothing more than the picture at the top of the new V40 under a sheet.

What we do have is a bit of video of the V40 in disguise (which we reported on when we thought the V40 would be the V30), which despite the camouflage does seem to be showing the V40 heading in the direction of a smaller version of the V60. Which is a very good direction to go.

When the V40 does arrive – which if it’s being debuted at Geneva next year will probably be before the end of 2012 – we’d expect it to come equipped with Volvo’s new generation of efficient and economical petrol and diesel lumps. What we could also see, if Volvo are aiming the V40 in the direction of the 3-Series, is a proper performance model. A Volvo V40 Polestar as a production model, perhaps?

No doubt there will be further teases before the new Volvo V40 arrives at Geneva

Source: Volvo

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