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New tech suggests windowless cars are on the horizon

Thu, 20 Feb 2014

For years students have presented windowless car projects, explaining how the view from outside would be projected within the interior. Now an aerospace company has created the technology that could hold the key to turning the dream into a reality.

Spike Aerospace's upcoming S-512 supersonic business class jet replaces its windows with high-definition screens displaying footage of the panoramic views streamed live from micro cameras on its fuselage as tests have unsurprisingly shown that passengers are a little uneasy about not being able to see outside.

Removing the windows allows the engineers to reduce their structural supports and overall part count, which reduces weight, while the smoother exterior surfaces help reduce drag. With car companies constantly on the hunt for similar gains, the advantages of removing windows from cars may be enough for this technology to make the leap from aerospace to automotive as so many have before. It would also open up new opportunities for exterior design without the need to incorporate a DLO.

One obvious application could be in autonomous cars where these screens could be used for projecting either the view outside or infotainment features, amongst other things.

To find out more and for more details on the S-512, visit Spike's website.

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By Rufus Thompson