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Nissan GT-R 2010 UK updates

Tue, 10 Nov 2009

Nissan has revealed the changes to the 2010 GT-R

At the Tokyo Motor Show Nissan brought along the 2010 Nissan GT-R with a raft of minor tweaks and adjustments for their supercar killing four seat coupe. We thought that they’d probably be available just in Japan to kick off with (the 2010 GT-R launches there in December) but Nissan has sent us the 2010 updates for the GT-R for the UK and Europe this afternoon, so it looks like it’s updates round the world.

Just about all the changes are under the skin for the GT-R. The auto ‘box gets tweaked to hang on to sixth longer when driving in auto, but more quickly when down-changing from fourth to third and third to second.

The spring and damper rates at the front have been adjusted to improve feel and responsiveness in cornering and there’s extra cooling ducts in the underfloor diffuser to give additional cooling for the gearbox and exhaust. Nissan has also strengthened the front transmission mount to reduce high-load driveline vibration.

Brake balance has been shifted a bit more in favour of the rear which Nissan reckons improves stability in dry weather braking. The GT-R is now Euro 5 compliant and CO2 emissions have dropped by 3g/km.

Lots of tweaks and changes but they are all designed to keep the GT-R at the top of the heap, and are the result of feedback after a year in the wild. There are a few more comforts and gizmos added as well. There’s extra insulation in the back seats for a but more peace and quiet and the GT-R gets the latest Nissan SatNav and entertainment system, which gives a 40gb hard drive based system with a higher resolution screen, a 9.3GB ‘Music Box’ for storing CDs and full iPod, USB and Bluetooth connectivity.

Oh, and let’s not forget shinier bumpers and gun metal metallic surrounds on the speedo and rev counter. There, that’s covered it all.

By Cars UK