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Nissan LEAF to be joined by four more electric Nissans

Fri, 30 Aug 2013

The Nissan LEAF (pictured) will be joined by 4 more electric Nissans

The Nissan LEAF may be the most successful electric car in the world, but the numbers Nissan manages to sell are still tiny. But in a clear indication that Nissan still believes there’s a future for the electric car as a replacement for the ICE car, they’ve revealed they have plans for four further EV models.

Three of those models are already clear; an Infiniti with the electric drivetrain from the LEAF, an electric version of the NV200 van and the LEAF itself. But what of the other models.

Will Nissan take some of Renault’s EV portfolio and use that as a basis for the missing two models, or do they have something else planned? Perhaps a Juke EV?

Nissan aren’t saying, with Nissan’s VP for R&D in the US,¬†Carla Bailo, saying only”We haven’t announced what models they will be, but we have plans for five. The others will come in due time.”

But she did say that future Nissan EVs will be using¬†inductive charging – basically, wireless charging – which Nissan see as essential for owners of ‘Premium’ EVs (presumably they’re too posh to plug).

We can’t decide whether Nissan are stubborn, foolish or clever to continue with their commitment to the battery-powered electric car, but they’re certainly not sitting back and just waiting to see where the market goes before jumping in further.

Source: Automotive News

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