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Nissan LEAF: UK prices

Mon, 17 May 2010

The Nissan LEAF EV will sell at £21,350 in the UK after subsidies are taken in to account

Agree with their focus – some would say obsession - or not, you can’t help but admire Nissan’s intentions to make the electric car a mainstream reality. It’s a big commitment and a bold move which could actually make or break Nissan in the coming years, in the same way as the hybrid obsession at Lexus.

But putting aside the business sense of a headlong tilt in to electric cars, we have to admit that the headline price for the Nissan LEAF in the UK – just announced as £23,350 (after taking in to account Government incentives) – is a very competitive price point.

The £23k on the road is even more remarkable when you compare it to the price of the Mitsubishi i-MiEV which was announced in March as £33,699. And the i-MiEV is a about the size of Dinky Toy and the Nissan LEAF is a proper C-Segment car with room for five passengers and luggage.

How sustainable the pricing is we don’t know. It seems a loss-leader to us, but if you want an electric car the Nissan LEAF is not a bad choice. As we’ve said, it’s a proper full-sized car with AirCon, SatNav, Parking Camera and other toys. Mind you, using the toys may well be a case of having to choose between toys and range, particularly the AirCon.

The headline price is not the only attraction. Until Governments wake up and tax electricity for transport as they do petrol and diesel the cost savings are dramatic. Add in the zero VED and zero company car tax and you have a good case to buy one.

Nissan are releasing the LEAF initially in the UK, Portugal, Ireland and Holland due to the incentives available and the burgeoning EV infrastructure in those countries, but the LEAF will be available throughout Western Europe by the end of 2011. The European prices (after incentives) are:

If you’re up for buying a Nissan LEAF hop over to Nissan’s website and register your interest. There will also be leasing options on the LEAF which will probably also be very favourable, but these aren’t being released until July when you can officially place your order for the LEAF.

We would love to know what Nissan’s profit per car is. We reckon they’re on a loser, so make hay whilst the sun shines.

By Cars UK