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Nissan’s Juke-R vs Supercars irritating video trailers

Tue, 01 May 2012

Nissan's Juke-R vs Supercars

Nissan are trailing a video of the Juke-R racing supercars in Dubai with a frustrating string of very short video trailers.

Back in January we published an amateur video of the bonkers Nissan Juke-R racing a whole heap of supercars on a street track at the International Arena in Dubai and it was an interesting race, even if the production values were pretty much non-existent.

But the real deal on the day was a professional video shoot by Nissan to allow a bit more Juke-R fairy dust to be sprinkled round the Interwebs with a slick and polished race story video, with Gran Turismo gamer Lucus Ordonez pitting the Nissan Juke-R against Salah Salahuddin’s supercar collection - which they’ve finally got round to editing.

But instead of revealing the, no doubt, beautifully produced version by award winning director Rob Kaplan – all in high definition – with stunning production values, they’re teasing a story and a race we’ve all already seen with a rather pointless series of very short video teases.

So we thought we’d simply wait until Nissan were ready to release the film and then run the story, but Nissan seem very keen we let you see the trailers so we’ve given in and published one below. And if you want to see the rest just jump over to Nissan Europe’s YouTube channel.

Or just wait a few days and watch the film proper.


By Cars UK