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Noble M600 arrives

Wed, 19 Aug 2009

Noble has released details of the 650bhp Noble M600

I think this is what is called ‘Going up-market’. The M600 is going to cost in the region of £200,00, which is a rather large chunk of change more than you’ve had to pay for any Noble to date. Which does tend to suggest that either Noble has lost its marbles, or the M600 offers rather more than previous Nobles. Fortunately, it’s the latter.

Expensively constructed from stainless steel with a carbon fibre body, the Noble weighs in at 2800lbs. Power comes from a 4.4 litre Volvo V8 that has a pair of Garrett turbochargers bolted on to give a not too shoddy 650bhp. The driver can also choose between 3 power setting – 450bhp, 550bhp or 650bhp. Not sure why you’d want to dial-down the power, unless its a bit of a liability with all the horses dialled in.

But assuming you don’t want to dial your £200k car down to 450bhp – and you let loose the full-fat 650bhp – the Noble M600 will pick up its skirts and fly to 60mph in 3 seconds. It will then power on to 100mph in 6.5 seconds before topping out at 225 mph. But you will need your wits about you. Noble aren’t doing a Ferrari – where the electronic gizmos flatter the abilities – so you’ll have to drive properly. A six-speed manual is the only option and there’s no ESP or ABS. You do get traction control, but that can be completely switched off. Should make for some hairy fun on a good road!

Noble aren’t forking out to go to Frankfurt, but you can see the public début next month at The Goodwood Revival.

By Cars UK