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Northumbria University Degree Show 2007

Fri, 27 Jul 2007

Students graduating from the Northumbria University BA (Hons) Transportation Design course based in Newcastle in the north east of England have shown their work in London in the exhibition 'Forming Emotion'. Held in Brick Lane as part of the 'Free Range' series of summer Art and Design shows, the exhibition of thesis projects featured a combination of scale models and 2D presentations of digitally-developed models.

Making an Entrance
Neil Morley

In the golden age of the 1930s Rolls-Royce represented the epitome of style and glamour and the exclusive mode of transport for stars of the silver screen and wealthy magnates. In recent years, this archetype of automotive elegance has become more accessible. The emerging 'Super Rich' market provides the ideal opportunity for Rolls-Royce to diversify and reclaim its exclusive super luxury brand status. 

In terms of style, this new car will pay homage to the iconic elegance of the classic Rolls Royce - but with one very important twist - taking strong inspiration and influences from both the marine and aero industry.  This vehicle's presence and package layout makes the entrance, transporting the passengers both on the land and on the water.

Ferrari for a new era
Steven Andrews

Being green or at the very least being seen to be green is a hot topic these days and we all want to do our bit for the environment. But even a good thing like going green can go too far - especially when it starts to impinge on your choice of car. Why should a little thing like pollution come between you and your dream car? This hydrogen fuel cell powered Ferrari offers speed, style and a social conscience all in one car. The new type of powertrain leads to new proportions, slightly taller than the 599GTB and F430, with a high rear deck and comparatively low hood sweeping down between the pronounced front fenders.

The Guardian
Jonathan Dearlove

This is a next-generation police vehicle envisaged for 2015, comfortable in and around cities but also used on motorways. To reduce the risks of high-speed pursuit, the vehicle features an integrated remotely controlled Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV), which can be deployed to identify and pursue suspects covertly. The vehicle features a multi-functional interior that can be re-configured using modular equipment to meet changing operational requirements.

Personal Space
Anthony Clark

This project aimed to tackle current transport issues head on - luring commuters out of their cars into  shared-vehicle infrastructure, to reduce congestion. Neither public, nor private transport, the fuel-cell powered vehicles are computer controlled to provide optimized point-to-point transport for all users. The interior consists of four individual passenger zones, making use of graphical boundaries, privacy screens, communication  and entertainment systems to allow users to personalise their surroundings and to choose their level of interaction with others.

Military Reconnaissance Vehicle
Darren Brown

Current military reconnaissance vehicles are multipurpose and therefore not tailored to specific reconnaissance missions. This places the operators and the mission under more risk. This purpose-built reconnaissance vehicle is capable of crossing many types of terrain and, by incorporating stealth technology and a low observable profile, will remain undetected for longer.

The vehicle will accommodate a driver and an observer. A device similar to a submarine periscope provides a 360 degree field of vision increasing both the effectiveness and security of the vehicle. Encased in a safety cell and surrounded by an armoured body, this vehicle will provide maximum protection. Specially designed doors create a safe zone for soldiers when entering or leaving the vehicle. Visually striking, this unique vehicle epitomises strength, power and security.