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One Lap of the Web: A Mustang limo for the president, and the joy of shop class

Wed, 19 Mar 2014

-- We imagine that the Secret Service is currently receiving fervent and excruciatingly detailed bids from Avanti, Zimmer, and DeLorean to build the next great presidential limousine. Well, why shouldn't Ford submit one -- again? Here's a 1966 Mustang limousine in which President Camacho would look swell riding in the back. At a list price of $39,990, bidding for it ended at 23 percent of that figure. Where's the patriotism? Where's the Spirit of America? The vice president can roll in another sporty limo, the Miata. We assume that the Chinese-built Ford Raptor limousine falls far from the whole "primary headquarters located in the US" thing; and, at any rate, the "gubmint" won't return our calls.

-- Porsche North America Racing driver J

By Blake Z. Rong