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One Lap of the Web: Christmas edition

Wed, 25 Dec 2013

-- Ferrari is getting into the Christmas spirit by... towing Santa's sleigh with one of their F138 race cars. Spoiler alert: We don't know what visual-effects house Ferrari used, but we have a feeling the sleigh was towed slightly slower than the velocity shown in the video.

-- Speaking of Santa's sleigh, here's the 1964 Datsun version of that sleigh, courtesy of

-- Hungarian special-effects house Delov Digital has recreated the recent Jean-Claude Van Damme Volvo commercial with something truly extraordinary. It includes Chuck Norris. And a Christmas tree...of sorts.

-- All that Hooniverse's Jim Brennan wants for Christmas... is some low-mileage GM cars. And, to that end, he's compiled a list of, ahem, unique GM cars for sale, including a malaisetastic vehicle known to GM history buffs as the Chevrolet Nova Concours. The red vinyl over white colors are definitely Christmas-themed, though we have a feeling very few people have ever asked Santa Claus for a 1976 Chevrolet Nova Concours.

-- What brings out the holiday spirit in people more than decorating the house with Christmas lights? Decorating cars with Christmas lights! Yeah, there are probably safer objects to attach yards and yards of electrical cords to, but the result can be quite stunning.

Merry Christmas and happy holidays from all your friends at Autoweek!

By Autoweek editors